Grainger Counties

In 1988 SCHAS recognized the need outside of Knox and Blount Counties and expanding services to surrounding counties.

In 1991 SCHAS began serving seniors and individuals with disabilities in Grainger County. In 2013, to serve our clients more effectively, SCHAS combined offices, and Grainger County is now served out of our Jefferson County office.   The dedication of our director and caregivers in these counties has enabled those we serve to stay where they want to be…home.

In the 2021-2022 year SCHAS served 27 clients and provided 3,225.75 hours of services in Grainger County.


Phone:  423-586-2359   Fax:   423-586-4640

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Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service
428 E. Meeting St.
Dandridge, TN 37725

Grainger/Cocke/Jefferson County

Phone: 865-940-1545        Fax: 865-940-1547